13 Feb 2015

Execution and Agility Honda HR-V 1.5L Equivalent to HR-V 1.8L

Not to be beaten by his sibling bigger limit motors, Honda HR-V can exhibit skilled execution regardless of Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) that conveys the 1.5-liter motor. 

For the first CUV item, PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) does offer two motor variations, the Honda HR-V 1.5-liter Honda HR-V 1.8 liters. Albeit outfitted with a littler motor, however the execution and dexterity of HR-V 1.5 liter about equivalent to the HR-V 1.8 liters. 

This we feel while emulating the Honda HR-V media test commute to Bromo, East Java, eventually prior. In the wake of feeling his sibling with a 1.8 liter motor, we were interested to attempt the HR-V 1.5 liters. 

honda hr-v

Testing begins from Bromo range. Obviously, regardless of convey 1.497cc motor, this CUV could eat up steep curve subordinate and rugged range spotted in the Probolinggo region. 

Indeed, when down the inclines of Mount Bromo to Surabaya, our excursion joined by overwhelming precipitation. Then again, on account of all the current innovation that is connected to the hybrid, travel securely and agreeably. 

In HR-V limit of 1.5 liters, Honda offers four variations, to be specific HR-V 1.5LAM/ T, HR-V 1.5LSM/ T and CVT, and HR-V E CVT.
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